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Your adventure to discover Morocco will be unlike any other. It is special and unique simply because this country is also unlike any other! Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in Africa, which is famous for its golden dunes, historical monuments and rich population. Each year, it opens its welcoming wings to warmly host millions of visitors who are super eager to discover the secrets of every single corner in this exotic country. It is bordered with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, which grants her an amazing touristic view. Morocco’s history has a very rich background, which stretches back for more than a millennium, and it is filled with cultures and traditions.

Moroccan landscape is varied and so are the Moroccan music styles. In addition to that, it has a widely recognized cuisine famous for its multiple fragrances and hot spices.

Morocco’s most attractive cities:

To discover the magical attraction of Morocco, you will have to travel through the heart of its famous cities. Your journey across the most famous cities would probably start from:


Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city. It is characterized with a unique architectural style with a mixture of traditional and modern touches. It represents a perfect commitment to its Islamic heritage. Hassan the second’s mosque is a remarkable building with its very Islamic details. It is named after the current king’s father. It’s the third biggest mosque in the world and it has a charming view surrounded by water which gives it a unique beauty. The mosque is decorated with Islamic carvings and paintings which are exclusively handmade.

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It has been mentioned in all historical documents because of its important location and the important role it played throughout the Moroccan history. Romans, Arabs and French made of this city a vital center for their dynasties.

It reflects the Amazigh culture, language and traditions. It’s famous for woven carpets and handmade products and handmade pieces of arts. It has many spectacular views mainly at night. Authentic Moroccan cuisine offers you a wide range of choices in Tangier where everything is flavored, spicy and tasty. Very strong spicy sauces are added to the different dishes to add an extra tang.

You can’t leave Morocco before you have a close sight on the Rif Mountains range. They are home to Amazigh population.


It is the heart of the Rif’s area. Life is brought to the town through its very special type of melodies. It is famous with a dance where the dancer holds the cups of tea on his head while he is dancing.

The streets and corners of the city are all alike that you may get lost if you are not accompanied with a local guide. Nothing has changed in the city since its foundation. It’s so clean everywhere. The main musical style known in this region is called HADARAT which is like a small orchestra of women singing together. It is derived from the Andalusian heritage.  It is called the blue city because all its walls are painted in a light blue color and the paints are renewed regularly.


It is a hot destination for tourists all year around. It has a warm weather which facilitates tourists’ activities inside the city. It is famous with its market Bab Doukkala where you can find fragrant mint.  It is also marked with its sculpted Bahia Palace, and its first piece of museum architecture: a museum of photography and visual arts. Marrakech has two distinct parts: The Medina which consists of the historical city and the new district named Ville Nouvelle which represents the modern and civilized part of the city. Its location and landscape is the origin of its fame. The medina is full of local shops every here and there and narrow passages all the way long. In contrast Ville Nouvelle is a place for modern restaurants and fast foods in addition to trade centers and institutions.


Capital city of Morocco known also as the city of lights is the heart of the country. It’s a cosmopolitan elegant city which contains a wide range of historical sites, modern restaurants and very narrow charming streets. It has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere and it is widely known with its enormous minaret. Because it is full of markets, your best way to discover the beauty of Rabat it is better to walk on foot through its main roads and narrow streets for a closer view. Markets are offering a wide choice of colorful carpets, cooper ornaments and traditional woven material. It contains also an archeological museum with a very rich historic and cultural heritage.

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It is a EUNESCO world heritage and it contains the world oldest universities in the world called Al-Karaouine. Fez has a magnificiant

Maze and four gates in addition to many other historic sites  separately around the city. To guarantee an overall views of the city, take a walk down its street and don’t forget to take your camera along with you.